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Retailers are under increased pressure to deliver exceptional customer service on every single in-store purchase.

Only a truly connected retail environment – one that combines the physical and the digital – can meet these evolving demands for speed and accuracy across every touchpoint.

Panasonic Connect Europe understands this. That’s why we’ve developed technology solutions specifically for retail spaces, from supermarkets to quick-service restaurants.

Connect with our technology and find ways to optimise your in-store operational efficiency for increased revenue and create personalised shopping experiences that attract customers – and keep them coming back.

Maximised customer satisfaction. Minimised waiting times. Increased sales.

Connected retail solutions

Combining our expertise and innovations across technologies.
Panasonic Connect Europe delivers connected solutions designed for manufacturing businesses.


Visual Systems


TOUGHBOOK Mobile Computing


Supply Chain solutions

Connect to the physical store of the future.

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Dynamic pricing and Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

  • Improve shopping for customers

    by providing a unified experience across the store

  • Increase revenue by using real-time pricing changes

    to optimise promotions and adapt to seasonal or local events

  • Achieve up to 80% time saving

    on in-store price changes and eliminate pricing errors with automated price management

Intelligent in-store analytics

  • Deliver exceptional service by tracking key demographics and in-store behaviour

    on GDPR-compliant technology that preserves customer privacy

  • Optimise your shop floor design

    with insights from heatmapping, people-flow and dwell time analytics

  • Maximise revenue by using analytics

    to allocate promotional areas, adjust your product range, and enhance the customer experience

Dynamic advertising and interactive display technologies

  • Improve how you engage and communicate with customers

    through interactive in-store displays, dynamic signage, and other uses of projection technologies

  • Make sure you catch the attention of visitors

    with high-brightness displays featuring Auto-Brightness Adjustment, stunning 4K quality, and 24/7 operation

TOUGHBOOK mobile computing

  • Optimise efficiency by using a single device to deliver multiple

    (ordering, providing menu information, managing inventory, taking bookings)

  • Keep customers satisfied

    by giving staff access to instant, accurate information and providing better support for self-scanning and product queries

  • Enhance your stock management with TOUGHBOOK features

    including in-built barcode readers, real-time connectivity, and communication with back-office systems and POS terminals


  • Reduce errors and costs from missed deliveries

    with a contactless delivery solution that allows you to verify access to lockers, and pick-up and drop-off times

  • Lower delivery costs

    by seamlessly routing multiple deliveries to a single Smartlocker location

  • Retain customers by offering 24/7 delivery collection

    and guaranteed food freshness (with the Smartlocker’s 4 temperature options)

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