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In an ever-changing world, having the right technology isn’t just an advantage for the public sector. It’s critical. That’s true whether you need to keep successfully serving the public at large or ensure life-saving work is carried out during emergencies.

Panasonic provides technology that public sector workers can count on for the future. Our expert solutions span specialist technologies for government organisations, emergency services, and the military.

Deliver for a changing public with the next generation of solutions.

  • Daily and mission critical operations smoother
  • Keep your people, the public, and your premises protected
  • Stay agile when it matters most with real-time access to apps and data
  • Transform front-line productivity
  • Keep targets within reach amidst tighter budgets and a growing, ageing population

Connected public sector solutions

Combining our expertise and innovations across technologies.
Panasonic Connect Europe delivers connected solutions designed for manufacturing businesses.


Visual Systems


TOUGHBOOK Mobile Computing


Supply Chain solutions

Connecting the public sector to the future.

Explore our solutions.

TOUGHBOOK rugged computing for emergency services

  • Connect your digitally-enabled teams

    with reliable, real-time access to critical applications and data – wherever and whenever they’re needed

  • Maintain frontline productivity

    with devices you can count on for military-grade durability, reliability, and performance

  • Take your critical tech on the go

    with customised vehicle integration; fully rugged, crash-tested or easily transferrable docking for police, ambulances, and fire engines

TOUGHBOOK rugged computing for military

  • Handle any mission with military-grade durability

    from the industry leaders in rugged mobile computing*

  • Access critical information no matter the conditions

    with high-brightness displays, swappable batteries, and rugged ports

  • Get the best fit for your mission

    with fully-customisable devices and docking solutions * VDC Rugged PC Market Report 2019

Interactive displays and meeting room projectors for government

  • Modernise your presentations and meetings

    with interactive boardroom displays that make collaboration easier

  • Make sure you reach the public with crystal-clear 4K images

    and unmatched brightness and sharpness that capture attention in any location

Telecommunication, mobile computing and scanning solutions for government

  • Deliver exceptional customer service

    and reduce costs through shared resources with Panasonic unified communication solutions

  • Gain value from every contact with the public

    by using TOUGHBOOK mobile computing to access your data anywhere

  • Cut processes and printing costs

    with Panasonic document and scanning solutions

Safety and control solutions for government

  • Protect your facilities with fire alarm solutions

    that are built for any environment, and which can be combined with your security and phone systems

  • Conserve energy and keep staff comfortable with reliable heating and cooling systems

    featuring the latest space-saving and energy-saving technologies

  • Maintain complete control over your premises with integrated access control systems

    on Bravida (integrated by Panasonic), one of the world’s leading security system platforms

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