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Transform how you share knowledge

We have moved into a hybrid world where learning can take place anywhere, at any time.

To stand out, your university needs to:

  • make knowledge as available and accessible as possible
  • engage more with students, in class and online

That means placing digital learning, which integrates audio and visual content, at the heart of education.

Panasonic Connect Europe provides the technology to help. We empower video-based learning across educational environments, from lecture theatres and auditoriums to collaborative learning spaces. Our glass-to-glass solutions cover everything from camera to projector.

Across an unparalleled range of technologies, we can provide effective solutions for all educational budgets and requirements.

  • Create multi-source learning content
  • Capture, share and manage that content easily
  • Put accessibility at the heart of learning
  • Make learning more active and collaborative

Connected higher education solutions

Combining our expertise and innovations across technologies.
Panasonic Connect Europe delivers connected solutions designed for manufacturing businesses.


Visual Systems


Broadcast & ProAV

Connecting learning to the future.

Explore our solutions.

4K Projectors

  • Keep students engaged with exceptional 4K

    quality on images, data and video for any room or screen size

  • Keep the total cost of ownership low

    with maintenance-free projectors that boast low power consumption, long-lasting light sources and thorough factory testing

Interactive Multi-touch Displays

  • Reimagine collaborative and active learning

    through InGlass and Infrared touch technology

  • Achieve the perfect solution for your space

    and establishment with displays ranging from 55”-86”

Video Content Management

  • Manage and share knowledge with your students more easily

    via a fully searchable, secure and fast video database on Panasonic partner software

  • Provide access to study material whenever students need it

    by leveraging the Panopto lecture capture platform alongside PTZ cameras

  • Bring learning to life with video and rich multimedia content

    that keeps students engaged

Remote PTZ Camera Systems & Lecture Capture

  • Simplify high-quality content capture

    with a full PTZ ecosystem

  • Capture audience-friendly lectures without an operator

    by using optional software that automatically follows the lecturer during sessions

  • Simplify installation and save costs with a one cable-solution

    PTZ camera system

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