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Solutions Overview


Take a virtual tour of the TOUGHBOOK stand and learn more about our in-vehicle solutions, drone control capabilities, new battlefield devices, security solutions, and dedicated defence partners.

Duration: 4min 24sec


Security Solutions

Solutions Overview and Data Encryption

We work closely with specialist manufacturers of software- and hardware-encrypted solutions to keep your mission-critical devices secure.

Duration: 1min 23sec

TOUGHBOOK Modular Concept

Modular areas allow for quick release of hard drives and other components as missions requirements and situations evolve.

Duration: 1min 47sec

Future Outlook

We’re focused on continually improving functionality and performance, without compromising compatibility with the wider ecosystem.

Duration: 2min 15sec


In-Vehicle Solutions


Take a closer look at how the customisable, military-grade connectivity modules and vehicle docking of the TOUGHBOOK Tactical can provide secure, fast, and reliable communication in the field.

Duration: 5min 45sec

Shock Mount Solutions

Get MIL-STD-810 shock protection and connect to USB-3 power and gigabit LAN though a MIL-38999 connection.

Duration: 1min 23sec

Panasonic In-Vehicle and Design Capabilities

TOUGHBOOK can be fully sealed and securely installed in all types of vehicles with a range of shock mount solutions.

Duration: 1min 47sec


Drone Control

Solutions Overview

UAV pilots can stay in the field controlling drones and monitoring camera feeds and navigation, whatever the weather.

Duration: 1min 23sec

Multiple Applications Device

Pilots on the ground can easily control UAVs and assess camera feeds at the same time.

Duration: 1min 47sec


Integration with other devices and accessories gives drone controllers the freedom to customise their operations.

Duration: 2min 15sec


Command & Control Solutions

Design Customisation Process

Discover the main rugged features that make TOUGHBOOK the ideal mobile device for frontline usage.

Duration: 1min 23sec

The New G2 Military Dock

See how our new Mini Dock provides power, flexibility, and connectivity for body-worn usage and vehicular installation.

Duration: 1min 47sec

Product Customisation

Learn how TOUGHBOOK accessories are designed to continually adapt to changing individual requirements and mission parameters.

Duration: 2min 15sec


TOUGHBOOK Partner Community

Eavesdrop Proofing with COMEX

Discover how COMEX protects critical data by modifying Panasonic devices to eavesdrop-proof electronic signals in compliance with RÖS and Tempest standards.

Duration: 3min 45sec

roda computer GmbH

Learn why the durability, connectivity, and vehicular integration of TOUGHBOOK FZ-40 makes it the perfect partner for the latest tactical collaboration between Panasonic and roda computer.

Duration: 4min 51sec

TOUGHBOOK Partner Community: Inzpire

See how Panasonic TOUGHBOOK helps to make Inzpire solutions more adaptable and suitable for military customers all over the world.

Duration: 1min 23sec


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