What is the cost of a bespoke Omnia application?

The development costs will depend on many factors including the complexity of the app; time spent carrying out the development; support required etc. however our team will be able to give you a quote once they have gathered all the requirements from you.

Also, depending on the environment used to build the app, there may be an annual licence fee, however this will all be specified up front.

What support is provided after app depoyment?

Support will be provided during deployment and post launch for a limited period. Ongoing support packages will be available on request.

Why should I choose Panasonic and not a dedicated software house?

Firstly the Omnia approach is very cost-effective and agile so we can build and deliver custom line-of-business applications quicker and at a lower cost than most dedicated software houses.

Secondly, Panasonic is able to provide the full end-to-end solution – consultation, development and full integration with hardware and back end systems. We have the infrastructure to fully support the whole solution with tried and tested quality systems and a proven track record and heritage in the rugged mobile PC market. We understand the needs of our customer and how business processes need to integrate with our hardware. By coming to Panasonic the customer then has one single point of contact and one invoicing route for simplicity.

Will you develop for non-Panasonic Devices?

Of course. TOUGHBOOK Omnia is a bespoke application development service and we can develop apps for a range of operating systems therefore by nature, Omnia applications can be deployed to most mobile devices.

What documentation do you provide for the customer?

User guides and technical manuals can be provided, as required. Documentation requirements will be agreed with the customer upfront.

How do we go about getting a quote?

Please get in touch via the contact form or contact [email protected] and one of the team will get in touch to find out your requirements.

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