Electronic shelf labels –
calculate the benefits to your business

In the current retail climate, technology has a crucial role to play in improving in-store efficiency and helping keep your sales healthy.

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are a great example of this technology.

Our customers have saved reduced the time it takes to change price labels in their store by 80% and achieved 100% price compliance.

And now, with Panasonic’s online return on investment (ROI) calculator, you can learn just how quickly an investment in ESLs could give you a return, and help you manage your stores more effectively.

Take a few minutes to use our ROI calculator to find out.

Why choose ESLs?

Enhance customer communications
Improve staff and customer health and safety
Improve the customer experience
Eliminate pricing errors and improve revenue
Centralised, efficient price management

Calculate the return on your ESL investment now

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