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EVA Share your vision - Video Contest
Welcome to the 12th edition of the VariCam & EVA1 newsletter. Each issue we find out how filmmakers capture magical visions with VariCam and EVA1. Now, it’s your turn: share your video shot on EVA1 and you could win €5,000/$6.000. We also have a round-up of case studies, the latest product news and industry events.
Your video could win €5,000/$6,000
Our Share Your Vision EVA1 video contest is looking for talent behind the lens. You can enter in the fiction or non-fiction category with a video shot on EVA1.
The winner in each category will be nominated by jury panel including Matthias Bolliger, Elle Schneider, William Wages, ASC, Johnny Derango and will win €5,000/$6.000.
Their videos will be published on VariCam/EVA1 YouTube channel and social media accounts. The closing date for sending videos is 24 August 2018.
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VariCam and candlelight
Great shots: VariCam moviemakers share project news
The latest issue of Shot on VariCam is packed with features on new projects that filmmakers are creating with VariCam. The trend is towards content on streaming platforms. This includes Netflix film Balloon 6, shot with VariCam 35 cameras, and Netflix series The Letdown, which was recorded with VariCam LTs. There’s also coverage in the magazine of two YouTube series – Step Up: High Water, on VariCam 35s, and Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, on VariCam LTs. The success of the AU-EVA1 since its launch is reviewed in this issue.
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EVA1 does everything for horror film
EVA1 does everything for horror film
Cinematographer Cristian Ceoroiu wanted a camera that could do everything and he got it with the EVA1. “EVA1 is small and lightweight, but at the same time has the ergonomic feel of a bigger broadcast camera.”
Cristian said he was “blown away” filming outdoors for horror short film Orpheus. “It feels like I don’t have to compromise on anything. After location scouting and tests with other cameras that weren’t right for us, we postponed starting the film until I’d bought the EVA1.”
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Going WILD with VariCam
Going WILD with VariCam
Capturing forest colours, filming mainly at dawn and dusk, using wide-angle and long telephoto lenses. These were all top priorities for cinematographer Dick Harrewijn when he shot WILD. The hybrid film, part nature documentary and part drama, also required many close-ups to capture the emotion of usually shy animals. “Every bit of light is important. VariCam ISO 5000 meant we were able to film before and after sunrise and sunset, when the animals were most active,” said Dick. “A film like this has never been made in the Netherlands, we’re really proud to be able to do it.”
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EVA1 new firmware upgrade Version 2.5
EVA1 new firmware upgrade Version 2.5
The latest EVA1 firmware upgrade adds a range of improvements, including:
•  Smooth noise reduction mode
•  Expanded support of EF Lenses
The previous firmware version 2.0 made the camera capable of recording ALL-Intra codecs, RAW output, time-lapse recording as well as a new HD 422 interlaced codec, for TV applications.
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EVA1 new firmware upgrade Version 2.5
Five alive – reasons to turn VariCam LT to live mode
You can capture stunning 5.7K RAW imagery direct from the EVA1 sensor by combining it with the Atomos Shogun Inferno or Atomos Sumo19 HDR monitor/recorder. Operating at up to 30fps over 6G SDI connections, you can record to reliable, affordable SSD media. Atomos also offers the first monitors to support Apple’s ProRes RAW, a new format that combines the performance of ProRes with the flexibility of RAW video. This firmware upgrades gives you the next level of performance with RAW, ProRes and DNxHR codecs.
1.  Superb image quality and colour science
2.  High Sensitivity and low noise for shooting with long zoom lenses
3.  AK-HRP1000/10005 ROP Support
4.  Cine Live supports near-live multi-camera operations
5.  4K Live Production
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EVA1 new firmware upgrade Version 2.5
That’s handy - EVA1 book has the answers
The EVA1 handbook can help you get the most out of EVA1 with useful information covering all features available since firmware 2.02. It starts out with advice on making your preferred sensor and format settings. Then you can work through useful preparation guidance before you begin filming. The EVA1’s extensive list of menu settings are described in detail, and you’ll also be able to get to grips with its advanced features, as well as file format options. All in all, we reckon this is one book EVA1 users won’t want to put down.
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EVA1 new firmware upgrade Version 2.5
Don’t miss out on 500 Euro cashback when you buy EVA1
Our special offer on the EVA1 cinema compact camera with 5.7K Super 35mm Sensor ends on 30 June 2018. If you buy an EVA1 before then, you’ll receive an instant 500 Euro discount*.
Why choose EVA1? It’s ideal for handheld shooting, as well as use on gimbals, drones and light jibs.
Who uses EVA1? It’s great for independent filmmaking, documentaries, music videos and as camera B for bigger productions.
* VAT included.
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Media Production Show, London
Media Production Show, London
12-13 June, London
Hands-on demonstrations across a range of products will run throughout the show at London’s Olympia. Rupert Cobb from Gun Hill Studios, will be demonstrating the EVA1 at 11am and 3pm each day of the show.
Products on display include:
• VariCam LT for live
• AK-UC4000
• NDI|HX – including HLC100 and remote camera solutions
• Full remote camera line-up as a flyaway kit
• VariCam LT for drama configuration
• VariCam Pure
• AG-UX180
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Workshop with Matthias Bolliger
This masterclass in Zurich on 24 May provided a fascinating personal insight into filming with VariCam and EVA1. Director of Photography Matthias Bolliger shared an in-depth view of how he works. His credits include Tatort, Chiko and Nur Gott Kann Mich Richten.
Cinegear Expo in Los Angeles
Filmmakers Elle Schneider, Johnny Derango, and Vanja Cernjul ASC, ran three VariCam panels and presentations during the expo. Showcasing the latest and best VariCam technology.

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