Panasonic Business Virtual Event 12th May 2021


An opportunity for you to join an exclusive group of industry leaders to discuss, debate and determine the future direction of the innovative workplace.


13:45 CEST LIVE Factory & Business Tours

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Panasonic Manufacturing Facility in Cardiff, and the Business Solution Centre in Wiesbaden.

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Breakout Sessions: Choose which session you attend. 11:35 - 13:15 CEST

1st Breakout Session 11:35 CEST (Choose which session you attend)

Live Events – Moving to the new world of events
Retail – Enhancing the customer shopping experience through optimized in-store solutions
Public Sector Solutions – Securing the safety of public spaces when people come together

2nd Breakout Session 12:10 CEST (Choose which session you attend)

Higher Education – Helping to engage students and inspire imaginations
Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions – Enabling greater efficiencies and more streamlined logistic solutions.
IOT in Vertical Markets.

3rd Breakout Session 12:45 CEST (Choose which session you attend)

Enterprise Solutions – Out-of-the-box and cross value thinking
Utilities & Manufacturing Solutions – Setting new standards for manufacturing quality and efficiencies
Broadcast & VR Studio Solutions – A driving force, paving the way for the future in motion

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An Overview of the Agenda

10:00 CEST

Welcome & Introduction

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With businesses across Europe facing a perfect storm of changing buying behaviours and digital disruption, the time is right for the next wave of business innovation. Hiroyuki Nishiuma, the new managing director at Panasonic System Communications Company Europe (PSCEU), suggests lessons learned from a similarly maturing society such as Japan could help. He predicts the next wave of business innovation will come from “Gemba Process Innovation”.

10:15 CEST

Panasonic & Robotics

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“Spoiler alert”: Panasonic will share the glimpse on its Future Robotics development roadmap. Edin Osmanovic, from our Supply Chain Team will take you through some of the innovative engineering behind some of Panasonic's Robotic developments.

10:40 CEST

The Modern Workplace with Microsoft

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Join Fredrik Uddegard from Microsoft to gain valuable insights from leaders who are transforming the workplace across the business. He will also look at tech landscapes and learn how they’re managing through this change. Frederik’s Microsoft role is focusing on Modern workplace for Frontline Workers across a variety of industries.

11:05 CEST

Panel Session: The Workplace of the Future

Connect with our leaders across Panasonic Business where they will be under the spotlight from Daniel Creasey, discussing the workplace of the future.

Jan Markus Jahn, Head of Media & Entertainment Business Unit, Europe
Andre Meterian, Director Professional Video Systems Business Unit for Europe
David Sempere, Director Visual Solutions
Gerard Figols, Head of Total Security Solutions Business Unit
Shawn (Shusuke) Aoki, Chief Transformation Officer / Director of Supply Chain Solution Business
Steven Vindevogel, Director for TOUGHBOOK Europe

Have your say and be part of our discussion!


Vertical Breakout Sessions

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LIVE Factory and Business Tours


Hear the latest from industry leaders, insights from Panasonic partners, and keynote sessions from renowned guest speakers:

Share your own thoughts and ideas in virtual workshops

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Network with peers and partners from across Europe

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Visit our virtual exhibition booths to find out more about the different Panasonic Business departments

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Take a look behind the scenes at our Cardiff Manufacturing Facility and our Business Solution Centre in Wiesbaden

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Panasonic Business Virtual Event 12th May 2021

Over recent years, Panasonic Business has been the place to be for industry firsts and technology breakthroughs.
This year, we are introducing our first-ever pan-European event, brought to you virtually. At its heart, the event is a celebration of innovation.
We’ll give you an inside look at the latest innovations in hardware and software – developed after listening carefully to the voice of our customers – and the chance to explore the potential for your business.
Best of all, the event is free to invitees – so book your place today and look forward to a day of insight, inspiration and innovation.

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