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Digitalisation, changing policy, a fluctuating economy, pandemics – businesses are facing unique challenges when it comes to staying competitive in today’s marketplace. Being part of Panasonic’s B2B Partner Programme, you can provide your business with the solution it needs to stay ahead of the curve.

As a B2B partner, you can get dedicated support, along with exclusive access to the powerful, well-established network of Europe’s leading technology vendor. And with our innovative products and services, we’re building a more intuitive IT infrastructure that enables unique system integration opportunities for a connected future.

As a global brand, Panasonic has a long history of supplying technology to a diverse array of sectors including manufacturing, logistics, emergency services, defence and retail.

Join our B2B partner programme and get support you need, whenever you need it, how best to receive it.
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Why join?

One application for all your partnership communications with Panasonic. All the tools and information you need at your fingertips – from marketing funds, promotions and leads to project registration, our online partner academy and so much more.
As a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the latest technologies first-hand, both virtually and in-person, through our dedicated partner events.
Access the tools you need to reach potential customers effectively, through targeted promotions, sales and marketing campaigns.
Connect with different Panasonic business opportunities and expand your business into wider areas, wherever relevant.
For faster turnaround times and increased customer satisfaction, partners have access to our service centres in Cardiff and Budapest, providing Europe-wide multilingual assistance.
We generate leads for our partner community, which might get passed to you – helping you access potential opportunities and accelerate your growth.
You might have seen the case studies featured on our public website, but as a partner you’ll have access to exclusive insights on how these projects came to life.
Need engineering assistance? Develop your business the easy way, by making the most of the available commercial and/or engineering resources at Panasonic.
Keeping personnel up to date with all the latest in product development – through our online academy – could give you a real advantage.

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The second most visited section of our B2B website is ‘Where to Buy’ – your company details could be featured there.

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Business solutions you can trust

Though Panasonic is well known for its consumer products, we have been a trusted provider in the B2B world for years. While Panasonic is one brand, we operate as distinct companies around the world, to provide specialist service to our partners and customers.

And we’re committed to pursuing new value through innovation across our divisional lines.

Did you know?

We’re ranked as one of the world’s leading patent producers, with more than 100,000 patents held.

CONNECT to tomorrow

Panasonic CONNECT is bringing people, businesses and technology together for a smarter, more adaptable future.

Panasonic Connect plays a key role in developing Panasonic Group’s B2B solutions and providing new value for our customers by working with them on the ground – facing their challenges alongside them.

Leveraging our decades-long experience and the latest technologies, we connect everything we provide – from hardware and software to smart components and autonomous systems. Above all, we value the connection we form with our customers and the businesses they support.

This is how we partner for tomorrow

Technology Solutions

Our range of technology solutions span all business operations and include:

B2B Partner Programme benefits at-a-glance

One application for all your partnership communications with Panasonic. All the tools and information you need at your fingertips – from marketing funds, promotions and leads to project registration, our online partner academy and so much more.
Having access to promotions will guide and support you, helping increase your business opportunities. We make it easy to request and claim promotions online and keep track of their status with your own user-friendly dashboard.
Lead allocation
Through all visitors to our website, we receive inbound telephone calls and inbound requests. These are all checked and qualified for our channel partners to follow up before being allocated to partners like you – helping you grow your business. Together we can accomplish more.
Certificate and logo
At the appropriate level, there is the opportunity to download your Panasonic Partner Logo, which you can use to promote your partnership. A digital certificate stating your level can also be downloaded and printed.
Marketing funds
Panasonic will support you in generating awareness and leads for your business. Achieving the right partner level will give you access to our shared marketing funds. By pooling investment, we aim to become stronger together.
Partner academy
Our online academy gives our partners the opportunity to become certified Panasonic experts. The Academy provides a full certification path, with gradual progression and specialist face-to-face sessions where needed – built to suit the learning path of each user.
Where to buy
The ‘Where to Buy’ section of our website receives over 2,000 visitors a day. This is where we display details of all our partners who have reached the necessary tier to be featured in this way. Since you ‘own’ certain details of the section – this is an unbeatable opportunity to promote and grow your company, linking to your social channels and website.
Lead Event invite
We’ll highlight specific partner events, helping you access the insights you need faster than ever. Registration for these events, along with any other online training sessions and webinars, could not be easier – we’ll already have your details ready to go.
Project registration
Being able to track project requests in one place is a great way to save time and effort in your working day. By requesting projects through the Partner Portal, you have a single point of visibility and enjoy a more immediate interaction with our sales team. You can inform and attach any specific document to get the best support needed to win your project with us.
Online consultancy
In need of specialist support? Just book a time slot online and discuss your project needs in detail with one of our Panasonic specialists.
Co-branded marketing
Having co-branded documents makes your life easier. We provide the necessary files, and you can easily embed your company details, ensuring the end user sees your details everywhere – even on our product documentation.
Demo units
Secure every opportunity by using demo units to evidence the quality of your solution to customers. Submit your requirements online and the Panasonic team will be notified so we can help you.

World-class service

Supporting you every step of the way

All our partners can rely on the support of our dedicated Customer Service team, which is recognised throughout the industry as a standard-setter for quality. From our European Repair Centre in Cardiff, UK, we offer specialist expertise in every area of our product line-up and are always on hand to give your business the backing it needs to succeed.

We are committed to being as accommodating as possible and have a multi-skilled, multi-lingual team with native speakers for no less than 10 languages. And in areas where more direct on-site support is needed, we can make specific arrangements to ensure high-quality service on your customers’ premises.

And we recognise the importance of experiencing our solutions first-hand when it comes to selling to potential customers. That’s why we offer exclusive access to our purpose-built solutions areas. We have one in Bracknell (UK), one in Wiesbaden (Germany) and an extensive industry Customer Experience Center in Munich (Germany) where we showcase solutions for education, logistics, retail, media and entertainment sectors among others. For those unable to visit these locations, we have a virtual version available for you and your customers to enjoy in your own time.

The Panasonic Partner Academy

Make the most of your partner benefits and build expertise and credibility with the Panasonic Partner Academy. The Academy provides a full educational path, with gradual progression, built to suit the learning path of each user. Not only does it provide you with an opportunity to stay up to speed with our latest technologies in your area of expertise, it also offers personalised support along the way.

We give partners access to sales-oriented or technical product courses, usually structured around web-based training and an online check for a digital certificate. Sometimes followed by specialist face-to-face certification training courses and tests. Following and understanding your training progress – and that of your team members – is easy. Constant access to a full training library makes sure you can always fall back on these digital assets.

One portal.
Countless benefits.

The Panasonic B2B Partner Programme is based on a single, unified portal that pulls all the partner benefits into one easy-to-use platform. This solution makes it easy to manage leads, access e-learning, track your support requests, and much more.

What’s available in the portal?

We’ve partnered with Zift to offer a powerful syndication tool that helps streamline and simplify your processes and administration for long-term, manageable growth.
An engaging look and feel, with an easy customer journey to understand where to go and what to do
Easy navigation, with information divided into different sections of the portal
Allocated leads, project registration and promotions are all easy to find and manage
A powerful resource finder that allows you to search and filter all available types of content.
Track e-learning progress and certification for yourself and your team.

How the Partner Programme works

The Partner Programme accreditation is based on your business type and your engagement level with Panasonic. After your registration, we consult with you (and potentially your distributor) to identify your sales goals, required training for your teams, and level of Panasonic branding in your own digital assets.

The precise details of these criteria vary per product category, but in general, we look at things such as:

  • Past and projected sales results
  • Training and technical skills
  • Panasonic brand promotion
  • Sales Level Agreements
You will initially be assigned the ‘registered’ level to begin the dialogue with us. During this phase, we can agree on an alternative level, should it be appropriate and necessary.

Partner levels are provided on a company basis. Levels are associated with one (or more) of our product categories.

Every employee (user) registering for the programme inherits the level allocated to the company they represent.

You’ll find direct support and answers to your programme related questions using the contact option on the portal.

Register today to access your benefits

Applying and joining the Partner Programme is straightforward and easy, yet it provides additional value to your business. No fee is required, no contract needs to be signed. All you need to do is agree to the Terms and Conditions and Panasonic will review your application.