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Powering the future of manufacturing operations

Manufacturing is no longer at the beginning of its digital transformation – in fact, most businesses have come a long way in recent years. But combining new technology with existing infrastructure continues to pose challenges. And when it comes to optimising processes and maximising performance, the hard work is never done.  

From Panasonic smart factory solutions and our robot and welding technology to Zetes supply chain optimisation and BlueYonder management software, innovation is at the heart of our approach. Let’s explore the latest challenges, opportunities and insights.

The industry 4.0 technology solutions shaping manufacturing’s future

Intelligent technologies are creating huge opportunities for switched-on businesses in the manufacturing industry.

But as competition grows and automation, AI and mobile technologies continue to evolve, business owners are looking for smarter solutions, better integrations and continuous improvements.

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Rewarding times ahead for electronics manufacturers

As society learns more about renewable energy sources, and moves further away from the use of fossil fuels, it’s an exciting time to be part of the transition to more sustainable business practices.

Europe is leading the way when it comes to electronics manufacturing and innovating more eco-friendly, future-proof solutions, creating an evolving array of opportunities.

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Continental Automotive drives supply chain evolution forward

With help from Panasonic, Continental Automotive has taken its approach to Industry 4.0 one step further. The manufacturer required a process upgrade for its factory in Regensburg, along with support with a big move from lean management to a digitisation strategy. 

Thanks to a combination of Panasonic technology and Continental’s clear goals, this first-class partnership is leading the digital transformation race.

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Making society smarter, safer and more connected

Public Services are thriving when it comes to making the world a safer, smarter and more sustainable place. But the playing field is always changing. Big data, smart cities, renewable energy, electrification. Whatever the challenge, technology holds the key to a brighter future.

Panasonic is at the forefront of innovation – working tirelessly to keep you on track as you work to make society safer and bring communities together. From mobile technology and software to displays, broadcast and proAV solutions, we’re rising to every challenge.

The mobile technology transforming emergency ambulance services

When it comes to lifesaving, mission-critical work, there’s no room for error, delays or downtime. And that’s where TOUGHBOOK comes in. But it’s not just hardware that’s shaping the future of emergency services.

Find out how specialist software applications, combined with Panasonic rugged mobile devices, are keeping first responders connected, decisive and efficient.

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Keeping security on track for the Italian railway police

Every day, more than 3.5 million people pass through railway stations in Italy. Ensuring public safety while managing such large flows of users is a constant challenge and remains the primary objective of Polfer (the Italian railway police).

It’s vital that the police can manage security effectively and efficiently, so best-in-class monitoring systems and professional displays are essential.

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Just 1% of TOUGHBOOKs in need of repair after six years of military use

As Panasonic’s rugged mobile devices continue to evolve and the technology becomes more advanced, defence organisations throughout Europe are choosing TOUGHBOOK laptops, tablets and handheld devices to carry out mission-critical operations. 

TOUGHBOOK is built to reduce repairs, replacements and downtime. But it also reduces the total cost of ownership significantly – ideal for public services.

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Delivering the retail experiences of tomorrow

The retailers of today need to be more adaptive and open-minded than ever before, facing huge operational challenges and new demands brought about by a fast-paced shift towards digital and self-service customer experiences.

Panasonic has been supporting retailers with their digital transformation and supply chain management challenges for many years, delivering innovations such as electronic shelf-labels, smart lockers, immersive digital displays and visual systems, along with the mobile solutions that keep you and your customers connected.

The connected future of retail

From personalised service to effortless convenience, the future of retail is bright. But how do we get there, faster? How can we balance the rapidly changing buying behaviour with the present-day infrastructure and emerging technologies.  

While digital disruption continues to accelerate the industry’s evolution, Panasonic technology bridges the gap ­– helping retailers connect to tomorrow.

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A shared vision for the connected store and supply chain

Panasonic Connect and BlueYonder are addressing the technological challenges facing the retail industry, powering the future of commerce through its vision for a more connected store and supply chain.  

From optimised in-store processes and microservice solutions to the latest in grocery order fulfilment, including chilled smart locker systems – catch up on all the solutions showcased at EuroShop 2023.

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On the road again – full throttle at the petrol station shop

With over 900 customers visiting the petrol station at Flensburg, Germany each day, including locals and visitors from nearby Denmark, the filling station has a small yet busy shop with big stock challenges.

We partnered with Team Energie GmbH & Co. KG to create a wireless connecting to an existing POS, enabling the installation and management of electronic shelf labels, for a smarter and more efficient store.

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Inspiring the next generation of education technologies

When we think about higher education, technology isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But, as in any industry, innovation is what keeps institutions relevant, streamlined, connected and on-budget.

Without collaborative solutions, interactive displays and projectors, video management software and lecture capture equipment, today’s educators risk losing the attention of their students. Meeting demands for remote and more accessible learning opportunities. So how is higher education responding to these challenges and looking to technology to meet its evolving demands?

Transforming the future of education

Whether it’s online training filmed in the studio, live broadcasts, or SCALE-UP classrooms with interactive displays, technology is shaping the future of education. 

From the lecture theatre to the seminar room, Panasonic solutions are revolutionising the way we learn and engage. Take a 360° tour of our virtual learning environment.


How can universities keep up with the changing needs of Generation Z?

Gen Z students are the first in history to have grown up in a fully digital world. They have vastly different needs to the Millennials who came before them, marking a turning point in the way we tailor education to the needs of the students.  

This also presents big opportunities when it comes to integrating technology into the learning experience.

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Enriching the University of Kassel’s approach to digital and hybrid learning

In recent years the University of Kassel has focused on improving and expanding its digital learning experiences. 

With help from Panasonic education solutions – from PTZ cameras to Auto-Tracking software and Panopto video management tools – universities can offer recordings, livestreams and remote sessions – making learning more engaging and user-friendly.

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Shaping the future of entertainment experiences

The landscape of media and entertainment is evolving faster than ever Technology is helping us project an exciting new vision for the future of the industry – stretching the imagination further than ever before and finding new ways to surprise and delight audiences. 

It’s no secret that Panasonic Connect is the go-to for projectors, professional displays and ProAV solutions. But did you know that we’re also the manufacturer of choice for everything from museums and immersive live experiences to concerts, sporting events and e-sports conventions? We’re also bridging the gap between industries with entertainment-led experiences for retailers, educators, public services and more.

New immersive projection possibilities

As the first 1-Chip DLP™ projector to feature Quad Pixel Drive – Panasonic’s 2-axis pixel-shifting technology – the next generation of projectors is driving a huge leap in the quality of immersive experiences.

Reproducing seamless, grid-free 4K imagery with minimal latency, this new technology is perfect for museums and immersive installations, and ideal for use with our projection mapping systems.

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Setting art free at Frameless

If you told Cezanne, Monet or Van Gogh we’d be taking art off the page and onto all four walls of the gallery – creating entire worlds within a single room – they probably would never have believed you.

But that’s exactly what Frameless is doing, thanks to Panasonic projection technology. Find out how the UK’s largest immersive art experience is pushing boundaries in the art world.  

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Mediaset deploys Panasonic Kairos to support live IP workflows

As Italy’s largest commercial broadcaster, Mediaset is one of the most advanced European networks when it comes to ST 2110. But now, armed with Panasonic Kairos to support live IP workflows, its production capabilities are an unstoppable tour de force.

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Driving logistics forward, faster

Few sectors have transformed as much as logistics in recent years. With big, sweeping changes to supply chain optimisation, warehouse management, and even the way we communicate with customers, it’s safe to say technology is revolutionising logistics.

As digital transformation continues across all industries, Panasonic is working to keep you competitive, connected, sustainable and future-proof.

Why your postman should have a technology background

With supply chain optimisation, changing approaches to mobile communications and customer-centricity all making progress faster and data more ubiquitous than ever, competition has never been fiercer for logistics companies.  

But what impact is technology having on the industry? And why should your courier be up to speed with all things digital? Read the whitepaper to find out.  

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Digital transformation – the logistics industry’s hidden sustainability hero

Sustainability remains one of the biggest challenges in the logistics industry. And it’s clear that businesses must adapt to remain relevant and competitive.

But how are companies balancing profitable operation with more sustainable business practices? And what does digital transformation have to do with it?

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DHL and the gateway to supply chain management

Panasonic partnered with DHL to help Gatwick Airport track the number of vehicles and deliveries for a more complete overview of the supply chain, among other benefits – from reducing its carbon footprint to improving retailer and customer satisfaction. 

Find out more about the Gateway solution and the impact of this digital enhancement.

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