Industry Forum

31st March 2021
3.00pm CET
The time for tame is over. The world is preparing to open up its doors again. Now, we need to push boundaries. Think bigger. Brighter. Bolder.

In collaboration with our industry-leading speakers, we will bring you exclusive tech revelations and updates on major new projects, alongside insight into the latest industry trends. Discover how state-of-the-art technology is helping to build breath-taking experiences for audiences across the world – from real-time tracking projection-mapping, to ultra-high-resolution imagery; specialist 3D systems, to pioneering lens technology.

If you can dream it, you can build it.
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Projecting future trends and possibilities

We’ll examine changing audience demands. We’ll delve into the current and future market trends. And we’ll explore the possible challenges faced and solutions available for the attraction industry.

Tapping into tech expertise

Authorities in the field will reveal priceless projection knowledge to help you create experiences with real wow-factor. We’ll also take you through the specific state-of-the-art technologies available to do so, and what can be achieved with them: from 3D, ultra-high res and high-brightness capabilities to real-time tracking projection-mapping.

Learning from leaders in the field

You’ll hear from industry leaders and thinkers from across the worldwide attractions sector, including global experiential legends Illuminarium Experiences; international leaders in themed attraction design and build Jora Vision; and interactive, motion and media-based attraction giants, Alterface. All will be showcasing their groundbreaking work, and alongside Panasonic tech experts, answering any questions you may have.

The right technology will help you to curate the new, unique environments that audiences increasingly demand.


Hartmut Kulessa

Marketing Manager

Joe Conover

Manager Live Events
Panasonic USA

Brian Allen

Vice President of Technology
Illuminarium Experiences

Thomas Vertommen

Product Marketing Manager

Ben Mitchell

System Engineer Space Creation

Paul Boyland

Media Entertainment Business Division

Jan Maarten de Raad


Stephane Battaille


Chad Kunimoto

Manager Business Development, Themed Entertainment Industry


Discover the most exciting technological possibilities available to help you reinvent the world of immersive attractions.


Welcome and Introduction from Panasonic

Introducing the latest trends in the entertainment and attractions industry.

Hartmut Kulessa,
Marketing Manager, Panasonic


Illuminariums: Building an immersive experience spectacle

Discover a new way of thinking about entertainment and explore the limitless potential for creating communal, connective entertainment enjoyed as a shared human experience.

Joe Conover,
Manager Live Events, Panasonic USA
Brian Allen,
Vice President of Technology, Illuminarium Experiences


How to wow your audience - Technologies to create immersive experiences

Hear from Panasonic experts as they discuss the options available for designing immersive attractions. Including UST lens technologies and how to make the best choice for immersive experiences, our industry leaders will explore the technology available for creative projects.

Thomas Vertommen,
Product Marketing Manager, Panasonic
Ben Mitchell,
System Engineer Space Creation, Panasonic


Pushing the boundaries of visual experience

Technology is evolving, promising even brighter things for immersive entertainment producers. We’ll explore the potential offered by 3D systems, providing a system overview, the benefits of Infitec vs. polarized and active vs. passive options. Plus, we’ll take a look at 240hz low-latency playback for improving image quality and offering a realistic experience for theme parks and attractions.

Thomas Vertommen,
Product Marketing Manager, Panasonic
Ben Mitchell,
System Engineer Space Creation, Panasonic

Real-Time Tracking Projection-Mapping System

Our brand-new mapping technology expands creative possibilities for the entertainment and production industries with stunning results.

Paul Boyland,
Media Entertainment Business Division, Panasonic


Themed Entertainment & Attractions Industry Forum

A lively discussion and debate on the afternoon’s topics from some of the attractions industry’s thought-leaders

Jan Maarten de Raad,
CEO, JoraVision
Robin van der Want,
Project Development Director, JoraVision
Stephane Bataille,
CEO, Alterface
Thomas Vertommen,
Product Marketing Manager, Panasonic
Chad Kunimoto,
Manager Business Development, Themed Entertainment, Panasonic

Q&A and Closing