MWC2016 Solutions

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New Products, Managed Services and Solutions by Panasonic


Computer Product Solutions
As European market leader in rugged notebooks and tablets, Panasonic Computer Product Solutions helps mobile workers improve productivity. New solutions at MWC 2016 include a rugged handheld with voice capability, mobile, secure payment solutions based on Toughpad tablets and the new  CF-20, the world’s first rugged detachable notebook.

Panasonic Nubo: the world’s first 4G enabled mobile monitoring camera
Panasonic Nubo allows you to keep an eye on the things you value most, no matter where they are, or where your busy life takes you. It is a 4G/3G enabled, weatherproof compact monitoring camera that can also connect via a mobile network or via WiFi. Video footage and analytics are hosted in the cloud and your Nubo smart phone app can alert you about unusual activities and show you all Panasonic Nubo recorded material.

Components and solutions for the connected car
The Ficosa Smart Connectivity Module (SCM) creates an in-vehicle hotspot based on a shared, high speed, 4G connection. Telematic Control Units (TCU) offer regulatory compliant safety and security plus additional services such as Remote Engine Start, Predictive Diagnostics, Infotainment, Navigation and Electric Vehicles Services. The Car-to-Car communication device is a highly compact and cost-effective module capable of supporting Car-to-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure communications.

Secure, High Definition Video Conferencing
The Panasonic HD Visual Communications System not only offers outstanding visual and audio quality, but is designed to be secure and resistant to hackers. It is also available on a pay-per-use and monthly fee basis.

Smart Video and Voice IP Communications for business
Complete solutions for network carriers and operators that want to give to their customers the best solutions of IP Phones. Including Video Desktop Phones, Touch Screen Phones and also standard and wireless Desktop Phones. As a provider of Wireless IP Phones, Panasonic is supplying both single-cell and multi-cell solutions including conference capability.

Cloud services

Panasonic CARES: Remote monitoring and outsourced maintenance of Panasonic Projectors and Displays
Panasonic CARES is a remote monitoring solution for customers with mission critical information or presentation requirements. Customer Service experts can remotely manage your Panasonic equipment centrally over Panasonic’s 4G based M2M cloud, ensuring potential problems are identified early and maintenance schedules and consumables optimised. With Panasonic CARES the show always goes on.

Panasonic Climate Smart Cloud
Reduce your energy bills and CO2 by remotely monitoring and controlling your buildings’ energy and climate.

AUPEO: Personalised content streaming service to the car for music, news, traffic information and more
Drivers and passengers can easily create personalised audio, data and analytic services for their car journey, all streamed via 3G/4G. Aupeo’s IP based Brand Marketing & Content Delivery Platform allows bi-directional, unique, customer interaction, allowing car and content makers to create new opportunities to engage, and delight, their customers.


Panasonic Smart Home: the innovative and flexible system that monitors and secures your home in minutes
Panasonic Smart Home allows you to control and monitor your home from your smart phone. With simple installation and easy operation, you can remotely monitor your home and automatically control your appliances. The result is peace of mind, lower energy bills and completion of domestic tasks at a time that suits your busy lifestyle.

Panasonic Green Tower: EaaS partnership model providing comprehensive energy infrastructure management
Panasonic’s Green Tower integrates renewable energy generation, smart energy management, battery storage, and intelligent remote control for cellular communication and WiFi base stations. Operating modes include grid with back-up, off-grid, unreliable-grid, and grid arbitrage. Operation can be outsourced and funded by simple monthly payments. In partnership with PowerOasis, Panasonic’s Green Tower provides cellular network operators with a capital friendly, efficient and reliable base station infrastructure.

Advanced technologies

Sensors that record and analyze driving characteristics
How a vehicle is driven directly impacts insurance risks and maintenance requirements. Panasonic’s automotive sensors, cloud communication and data analytics solutions allows insurance customers, maintenance organisations and drivers to reduce their risks and costs while maximising the life of the vehicle.

Outdoor or indoor advertising panels that can dynamically interact with your audience
Advertisers can now make outdoor or indoor advertising interact with your audience. Panasonic Light ID technology allows Panasonic’s LED based advertising panels to transmit invisible information to mobile phones apps allowing interaction with your target audience and the collection of marketing data.

IoT Security Protection Platform
The IoT carries significant risks of hacking. Panasonic’s Security Protection Platform is a network appliance that provides IoT devices protection from malicious attacks such as data theft, firmware changes or viruses.

LTE/5G local area, high speed hotspot
Small base station which provides a LTE millimeter-wave hot spot. Allows very fast wireless local data transmission of large files between machines.

Headphones that don’t rely on the outer ear
Panasonic’s bone conducting headsets lie comfortably against the head and transmit vibrations into the bone area near the ear so it is perceived by the user as normal sound. This leaves the ears free to hear other things such as conversation or approaching vehicles. They make an ideal solution in situations where workers need to get private instruction but still be alert for customer service or safety. Unlike ear buds or head phones, they can also be worn comfortably the whole day.

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